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Two amazing trials, at the opposite ends of the spectrum. What a weird world.

In the most recent NEJM two trials impacting newborn/paediatric care. One including 3,211 preterm infants, which shows that a very simple intervention could save, I estimate, tens of thousands of lives each year at almost no cost; the other with … Continue reading

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The ACOG patient information page; what should it say about 22, 23, 24 weekers?

I mentioned not so long ago that the web page of the US Obstetricians professional association has information for prospective parents of babies of less than 25 weeks gestation that is… questionable. They state, for example, the following : Medical … Continue reading

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Intensive care for the extremely preterm infant requires intensive care, and working with Obstetricians

Alleman BW, Bell EF, Li L, Dagle JM, Smith PB, Ambalavanan N, et al. Individual and Center-Level Factors Affecting Mortality Among Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants. Pediatrics. 2013. This paper from the NICHD network shows substantial variation in survival between … Continue reading

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