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Drug shortages

The recent study by Kluckow and his colleagues points out another serious issue in neonatology: drug shortages. In recent times we have had poor or no supplies of dramatically important drugs, including for example indomethacin, phenobarbitone and more recently caffeine. We also … Continue reading

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Long term outcomes after Very Extremely Preterm Delivery

Another blog post suggested by a reader, this time from Jim Goodmar from San Diego. This study of neurological and developmental outcomes of babies born before 25 weeks is remarkable in a number of ways. (Herber-Jonat S, Streiftau S, Knauss … Continue reading

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The PDA, indomethacin and pulmonary hemorrhages.

In a comment on a recent post, Martin Kluckow pointed out that they have just had published a moderately sized RCT. It was supposed to be larger, but intravenous indomethacin became unavailable, so they had to stop the trial. (Kluckow … Continue reading

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PDA shunts and extubation

Following on from my recent post about PEEP levels and PDA shunts, this new article from Perth. The authors prospectively enrolled very immature infants (< 28 weeks) before a planned early extubation and did echocardiograms before and after. The mean … Continue reading

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Omega 3 containing lipid emulsions for the preterm: time for a large RCT

A recent small RCT from Turkey, n=80 (Beken S, Dilli D, Fettah ND, Kabatas EU, Zenciroglu A, Okumus N: The influence of fish-oil lipid emulsions on retinopathy of prematurity in very low birth weight infants: A randomized controlled trial. Early … Continue reading

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PEEP and ductal shunts

I never thought that modest increase in PEEP would have a real effect on ductal shunting. As the size of the ductal shunt depends on the pressure gradient across the PDA and the resistance of the vessel, in order to … Continue reading

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Acid suppression doesn’t work, and it’s not safe. pHunny how we got here.

Maybe it’s not pHunny at all. A good quality review article about the use of acid blockade for treating what are sometimes called ‘symptoms of reflux’. Rosen R: Gastroesophageal reflux in infants: More than just a pHenomenon. JAMA Pediatrics 2013. … Continue reading

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Neonatal Updates: back after brief blogging break

After a trip to Europe for ongoing planning for the HIP trial, (link on the side bar) and several days getting over the jet-lag and trying to catch up, I am ready to get going again. So here is my … Continue reading

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