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Predicting outcomes in preterm infants: is it time to throw away the ultrasound machine?

It is common practice, nearly universal, I would guess, to perform head ultrasounds in the 1st week of life as a way to predict which very preterm babies will have very poor outcomes, and then to consider redirection of care … Continue reading

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Post hemorrhagic hydrocephalus: when to drain the ventricles

A new editorial from Linda de Vries, (de Vries LS, Brouwer AJ, Groenendaal F: Posthaemorrhagic ventricular dilatation: When should we intervene? Archives of Disease in Childhood – Fetal and Neonatal Edition 2013.) comments on an article which has been available … Continue reading

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A life worth living? Who would want a child like that?

A troubling tale from an adult with a handicap has just been published. (Peace WJ: Comfort care as denial of personhood. Hastings Center Report 2012, 42(4):14-17.) When admitted to an acute care hospital with a serious wound the author was … Continue reading

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Head Ultrasound lesions and developmental progress: Predicting Long-Term Outcomes part 2

Two recent articles that give much more information about the predictive capacity of head ultrasounds. Many articles about head ultrasounds and outcomes use the Papile classification. This classification was developed for simple classification of periventricular hemorrhage types as seen on … Continue reading

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