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I am a neonatologist and clinical researcher at Sainte Justine University Health Center in Montréal

Delivery room interventions for the profoundly immature: what are we doing, what should we do?

I still haven’t found the best term for babies who are born so immature that their chances of survival are significantly reduced. Extremely Low Gestational Age Newborn, or ELGAN is a term which is not pretty but has the advantage … Continue reading

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Oxygen, getting the dose right. Not so easy.

Preterm babies require differing concentrations of oxygen to maintain them within the optimal saturation range, which is clearly the low 90’s, from all the data we have so far (Saugstad OD, Aune D. Optimal Oxygenation of Extremely Low Birth Weight … Continue reading

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It’s only mild Encephalopathy; now can we stop worrying?

I learnt as a fellow that infants whose maximum grade of HIE was Sarnat 1, or mild, had normal outcomes. I recognized that the data to support that were limited, but one of the best older studies was by my … Continue reading

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It doesn’t make much difference how often we feed babies

Over the years there have a number of studies comparing two different feeding regimes. Most recently there has been a comparison of 2 hourly vs 3 hourly feeds and a comparison of feeds every 3 hours compared to 4 feeds … Continue reading

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Doctors are cheap

I’m sure most of us don’t think that the little trinkets (pens and notepads and such) or a few slices of pizza that we might receive from a drug company affects what we prescribe for our patients. We would be … Continue reading

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Antenatal Consultations before very preterm birth; what do parents want?

Gaucher N, et al. Personalized Antenatal Consultations for Preterm Labor: Responding to Mothers’ Expectations. The Journal of pediatrics. 2016. Call me biased, but I think is a game-changer. (One of the authors is my wife and colleague, another is a … Continue reading

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Theatrical Placebos in Neonatology

Acupuncture is nonsense. There I have said it. I’ll probably get at least a few comments for this post, but I’m not backing down. Acupuncture is based on pre-scientific ideas about how the body works, believing that some sort of … Continue reading

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