Keith J. Barrington is a neonatologist and clinical researcher at Sainte Justine University Health Center in Montréal. He is Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Montréal. He was formerly chair of the Society of Neonatologists of Québec.  His particular research interests are in cardiovascular support, in apnea and its treatment, in the ethics of decision making for high-risk newborns, and in anything in clinical care that might affect outcomes. The 22 of May 2005 he had a very preterm baby girl at 24 weeks gestation, her hand is in the banner photograph on this blog, with his ring around her wrist.

This blog is an attempt to help others in the field access the important neonatal research literature without delay.

Keith J. Barrington est néonatologiste, et chercheur clinicien au Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte Justine à Montréal. Il est professeur de pédiatrie à l’université de Montréal. Il était président de la Société des Néonatologistes du Québec. Ses intérêts spécifiques de recherche sont: le support cardiovasculaire chez le nouveau-né, les apnées et leur traitement, l’éthique du processus décisionnel chez les nouveau-nés à haut-risque, et tout ce qui concerne le devenir des nouveau-nés. Le 22 mai 2005, il a eu une fille à 24 semaines d’âge gestationnel. Sur la photo, on peut voir sa main avec la bague de l’auteur autour du poignet.

Le but de ce Blogue est d’aider les intéressés à trouver la recherche néonatale importante sans délai.

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  1. Po-Yin says:

    Great blog (though with some personalized/opinionated views)! Love it and will recommend to others not on your list. 🙂 Congrats and thx to your work in neonatology. PYC.

  2. Eugene Dempsey says:

    Hi Keith,
    A great initiative. Well done. This will be a super resource for all.

  3. Andra Malikiwi says:

    Hi Keith,
    Got to meet you during your visit to Cork Maternity few years back while working with Eugene. Just stumbled upon your website today! Great source of info and definitely one to follow!
    Best wishes. Andy

  4. Dr Jeanette Garwood says:

    Hi Keith – just read your post on Retraction Watch – thank you – it was very helpful to my comprehension of the problem, and the nature of some analysis.
    Best Wishes, Jeanette (Leeds Met UK)

  5. Linda Wright says:

    Hi Keith,
    Delighted to be introduced to your blog by Edgardo. Always love your stuff–will follow with interest. Esp liked the outcome mss and your comments.

  6. Karen says:

    Brilliant blog, also just stumbled on it by accident. Have just read the whole lot and have to thank you for all the work you have put into it. Karen (UK)

  7. carlo bellieni says:

    Maybe you can be interested in this recent review: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/23859662/

  8. Hi Keith, fabulous blog, thank you for your work. Keith Nicholson, Tiny Lives Trust

  9. Jax Mully says:

    Thank you for this blog! Do you know of any resource that compiles how many babies are born in the US at each week gestation? And then how many of those babies lived? My son was born at 23 weeks and I don’t know of very many 23 weekers (all of them I do know of are amazing)! But I’ve always been curious about the numbers…

  10. Yuliya Hodovanets says:

    You have a very interesting and important blog – it really is an example to follow. I am grateful to you for information about the conference in Helsinki. I was there with a delegation from Ukraine neonatologists. There were plenty of interesting and necessary information for us. I would be grateful to you if you will have the ability and desire for personal communication.

  11. Suresh Kumar says:

    nice blog
    Father of preterm, researcher and core neonatologist giving his best to community of neonatologists and parents
    Keep it up
    I am a neonatologist from India.
    My only suggestion is simple worded separate section for parents with universal access detailed information as usual blog

  12. Marianne Nordhov says:

    I just have to join in and thank you for a great blog! I read every post with great interest and recommend it to all registrars in our department 🙂

  13. Dr.jatinder khipal says:

    I think it’s a good forum to learn and contribute…

  14. Dr.jatinder khipal says:

    Good one .. It helped a lot in learning and venturing into new sphere of newborn research.

  15. Richard charris says:

    Muy interesannte y util

  16. Ciara Curran says:

    hi Dr Barrington, we would love to hear from you, one of our moms recommended you and thought you may be interested in our work,and would you be willing to share your video story of PPROM and IC for our site to give others hope please http://www.little-heartbeats.org.uk/#!the-wall-of-our-pprom-miracle-babies/c3w4 many are given no hope, as you see from our wall our parents did not give up on their babies, if you can please get in touch either by here http://www.little-heartbeats.org.uk/#!contact-us/c23du or by our email little.heartbeats@mail.com thanks Ciara Curran Founder of Little Heartbeats supporting parents through pprom in pregnancy

  17. We would be really grateful if you could share our educational project link via your blog. Films with parents speaking about their loss, and downloadable resources based on qualitative research with parents and staff. http://www.neonatalbutterflyproject.org
    Thanks, Nick

  18. Ajaya Kumar Gahan says:

    Great work

  19. Rosemary Dodds says:

    Thanks for your blog and promoting evidence-based care. I’m surprised not to find anything about kangaroo care or continuous skin to skin care with parents as evidenced by Nils Bergman, Charpak, and many others. Parental involvement and KMC reduce hospital stays, imprve breastfeeding rates, stabilise temperature and many more positive outcomes.

  20. Harkirat Kaur says:

    Hello sir.Thankyou for all your previous blogs and promoting literature based learning.Dont understand why blogs have stopped coming from your side on other latest trials and review articles…

  21. Ray Sato says:

    Dr. Barrington,

    We have been using Florababy for most of the past decade as a probiotic supplement in our <34 week infants after reading your J Peds study from 2014 and listening to your very helpful presentations at major meetings. We have felt this supplement has been helpful and even published our NEC reduction in the literature. I was recently contacted by Evivo, which is asserting its patent rights to Bifidobacterium in premature infants demanding licensing fees of hundreds of thousands of dollars to continue using Florababy. I wondered first, if you continue to use the Renew Life Florababy in your NICU, and if you heard of others being forced in the same situation. I realize Canada has a different patent system than the US, but hopefully we will find a way to continue providing probiotics.
    Thank You,
    Ray Sato, M.D.
    Tacoma General Hospital

    • That sounds awful, and difficult to understand. Evivo have their own strain of Bifidobacterium (B. infantis EVC001), their marketing is pretty aggressive, but this seems over the top. I don’t think they actually have a licence to administer EVIVO to preterm babies for the reduction of NEC, and there is no RCT evidence for their particular strain of B Infantis in preterm infants.
      If you are legally obtaining Florababy how can they possibly ask you to pay them licensing fees? Surely if they have a claim that Florababy is in breach of their patent, then their fight should be with Renew life.
      This would be like the manufacturers of betamethasone asking for licensing fees every time you use dexamethasone, when both are available!
      We continue to use Florababy, I think there probably are real differences between strains, the evidence suggests that a mixture of bugs might be better than just one, but it might well be that B infantis strains (or B Longum subsp infantis as it is sometimes known) are the most active in breast fed babies.

  22. Moath Alhamad says:

    Thank you for the very informative website

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