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Sniffing out lung injury

Apparently exhaled breath analysis can be used to detect a number of pulmonary and systemic diseases. As a medical student I was taught  about some of the classical clinical signs of certain diseases (such as diabetic ketoacidosis) which make the … Continue reading

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Non-invasive HiFi? Much more info needed.

This is an interesting idea, I believe that initially it was thought that bubble CPAP might deliver some high frequency pressure oscillations to the lungs, as the bubbling in the circuit causes some small amplitude variations in the pressure in … Continue reading

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Probiotics work in Germany also

A new study from the German Neonatal Network Database compares the incidence of NEC between centers that used probiotics, centers that did not use probiotics, and centers that changed their practice part way through the data collection period from being … Continue reading

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The voice of parents

Kudos to Acta Paediatrica, for an article by a group of parents who were all faced with antenatal counseling in a situation of high risk for extremely preterm delivery. (Staub K, Baardsnes J, Hébert N, Hébert M, Newell S, Pearce … Continue reading

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A philosopher and a theologian debate neonatology; confusion results

I came across this article from a philosopher who apparently does bioethics, the title is, ‘what should we do about severely impaired newborns?’ The article is a report (by the philosopher) of a debate at the American Association of Thoracic … Continue reading

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Doing research using Youtube

When my kids went to have their immunizations we took some sucrose solution with us to the hospital (don’t ask me how we came to have sucrose solution, its a secret) and were ready to either have the immunizations done … Continue reading

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Position statements and overtreatment

A few years ago when I was chair of the Canadian Paediatric Society Fetus and Newborn Committee, we produced a statement about what to do with full term babies with risk factors for sepsis. Our recommendation was, to put it … Continue reading

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