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Using less antibiotics

Most newborns who receive antibiotics are not infected. This is true of full term babies in normal newborn care, and preterms in the NICU. For most infants antibiotics can be stopped after 36 hours if cultures are negative at that … Continue reading

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Life, and medicine, with a disability

I met the author of this article at a CPS meeting a few years ago, she immediately impressed me with her unique perspective. Paige is a developmental pediatrician who does long-term follow-up of preterms, and is involved in developmental evaluation … Continue reading

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A shiny new test

I have invented a shiny new test, which detects brain injury in preterm infants just before they go home. It can be used at discharge to predict whether a former extremely preterm baby will have developmental delay or neurologic impairment. … Continue reading

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Thanks for Canadian Medicare and Tommy Douglas

I recently had an acute medical event, took myself off to a local emergency room, received excellent immediate attention. After about 8 hours of care, an expensive drug that I had never heard of before, multiple disposables and several high … Continue reading

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Better Nutrition, Better Brains

I write frequently on this blog about how prejudice regarding developmental and neurologic problems, and prejudice about preterm infants, combine to over-emphasize the difficulties that former preterm babies have, to the extent that professional societies develop guidelines for withholding care … Continue reading

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New insights on intraventricular haemorrhage

A fascinating new study has been published (Tortora D, et al. Differences in subependymal vein anatomy may predispose preterm infants to GMH–IVH. Archives of Disease in Childhood – Fetal and Neonatal Edition. 2017) looking at cerebral venous anatomy as shown … Continue reading

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Not just neonatology: trip to Buenos Aires

I was in Buenos Aires last week for a tremendous conference. With many excellent speakers (and me!) and the usual amazing hospitality that anyone who has visited Argentina will have received. I promised the participants that I would put my … Continue reading

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