Not neonatology: trip to the antipodes, week 10, Inverloch

After our amazing week in Apollo Bay, we said goodbye to the English contingent, and crossed over to the east side. Melbourne sits above a huge bay, known as Port Philip, we went as far as we could on the Great Ocean Road, and then crossed from the west to the east abord a ferry, and found ourselves, after passing over the Mornington peninsula, in Inverloch. We arrived in the middle of  a torrential downpour, but eventually installed ourselves in pleasant little shack, with occasional visits from Huntsman Spiders.

Huntsman Spider

The week there was marked by visits to Philips Island, walks on Wilson’s Promontory, and eventually the Mornington Peninsula.

On Philips Island we met Pelicans, whose eyes are really weird, if you look closely into them…Australian Pelican

And one of our walks, in particular, was spectacular, on Wilson’s promontory the scenery, and the wildlife are incredible:


On our way back from ‘the prom’ we stopped to find a huge mob of grey kangaroos, and we were buzzed by white-throated Needletails, shwooshing past us at over 100 kh/hr.1D8A2258 1D8A2281

The kangaroos weird jewellery are from an on-going research project.

On the way back to Melbourne we stopped at Mont Alto, a beautiful and amazingly tasty vinyard, with many sculptures in the grounds, and well kept flower-gardens.

1D8A2425 1D8A2427 1D8A2415

About Keith Barrington

I am a neonatologist and clinical researcher at Sainte Justine University Health Center in Montréal
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