Not neonatology: trip to the antipodes, week 9, Apollo Bay

After a week in Noosa, we flew to Melbourne, then drove along the Great Ocean Road to Apollo Bay, or, in fact a few km before Apollo Bay. The house we rented was a few meters from the beach, and was the most amazing place I have ever been for wildlife. There was a dead tree in the garden which attracted a black-shouldered kite, flocks of Cockatoos, tree martins and starlings, the grassed parts of the garden attracted wrens, honeyeaters and various robins etc, and just by walking a few meters down to the beach there were plovers, herons, lapwings and others.

Here is a group of yellow-tailed cockatoos:

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo


That is a black-shouldered Kite, here are two masked plovers:


and here is a view of that tree and the shore-line at the end of the day.1D8A0842

Another day while we were there, we were honored to receive a visit from a Koala:


We also went on a trip to see Platypus, my sister and my son swear they saw a platypus, all I can say is that I saw some beautiful birds, including this Nankeen Night-heron.




About Keith Barrington

I am a neonatologist and clinical researcher at Sainte Justine University Health Center in Montréal
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3 Responses to Not neonatology: trip to the antipodes, week 9, Apollo Bay

  1. marhta says:

    What a fabulous blog, Keith. And the photos, such beautiful birds.

  2. Victoria Lima says:

    Is amazing to find a neonatology who loves neonates and birds too
    I am neonatology from Mexico and I love birds , Do You know. Dr Nick Evans ?

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