Not neonatology: trip to the antipodes, week 11. Melbourne!

Our last week before leaving Oz and we were fortunate to be in Melbourse, we managed to arrive the day before their ‘nuit blanche’ a non-stop overnight festival of art and cultural events. 1D8A2455Which included, for example, this projection of a series of images from Alice in wonderland.

We visited both Melbourne zoo, and a nearby wildlife park, Healesville sanctuary, hoping to ‘tick off’ some of the creatures we hadn’t been able to see in the wild. Including Emus


On walks along the Yarra river there were plenty of encounters with other birdlife also, including Great Cormorants.

Great Cormorant

Towards the end of the week there was another festival being prepared, but we had to get ready to leave. Of the many fascinating things to do in Melbourne, I would recommend the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) especially the international site. I hesitate to put a picture of a work of art here, I hope the artist, Haris Purnomo, will see it as a homage to the power of his work, and not as a copyright infringement!


On the wall next to the piece was a desription which gave some context:


Leaving Melbourne, and Australia, and the Southern Hemisphere, was tough. But…. we’ll be back!

About Keith Barrington

I am a neonatologist and clinical researcher at Sainte Justine University Health Center in Montréal
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