Very early caffeine

Some caffeine before getting out of bed would be handy sometimes, but our new publication, using data from the CNN, that I was involved in, was actually looking at caffeine us in the preterm baby, early during their lives.

We were trying to confirm if the effects of caffeine early in the life of very preterm babies during actual use in the NICU, would reflect the results of the CAP trial. So we examined the outcomes of babies who had caffeine in the first 2 days, compared to caffeine use later in life. There are of course risks of doing this sort of analysis, babies who get caffeine in the first 2 days may be quite different to those who start the drug later, so we corrected the analysis for all the variables that we thought might be important. Babies who received caffeine earlier were indeed more likely to survive without BPD, and less likely to have a diagnosis of a PDA.

About Keith Barrington

I am a neonatologist and clinical researcher at Sainte Justine University Health Center in Montréal
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1 Response to Very early caffeine

  1. Dr Kavita says:

    dr barrington
    thanks for your updates on CAP trial follow up of the infants. regarding very very early caffeine, i came across a trial Caffeine for breathing at birth (CABAB) NTR4896
    they were giving caffeine through the umbilical vein in labour room. would you be aware if the results of this study are out or not. could not find it on my searches.

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