Not neonatology: missed all my friends at PAS, but be back next year, I hope.

I was disappointed to not be able to go to PAS this year, mostly because I am privileged to have a circle of former trainees, colleagues and friends from around the world who are all involved in trying to improve care for newborn infants. I love meeting up with you all every year, and after the pause caused by COVID it would have been great to see so many of you. Still someone has to look after the babies. I decided to give myself a reward and go on a birdwatching trip on Monday, travelling to Baie du Febvre, on the St Laurence about half way between Montreal and Quebec. It is one of the staging spots for the Snow Geese on their return from the south as they head to colder climes. In addition to about 10,000 Snow Geese I was pleased to run across this fella

He seemed to want to pose for his portrait, so I got my first ever shots of a Snowy Owl. Then he decided to fly off just as my memory card was getting full.

In addition there were a few purple martins, who come back earlier every year with climate change, and many tree swallows, like this one, who are building nests as they prepare for egg-laying

Other recent firsts for me were a Barred Owl at the Montreal Botanical Gardens

And Sandhill Cranes singing to each other (not very musically)

They stand about 1.5 m tall when they stretch their heads up like that, towards the other end of the scale is this Brown Creeper, about 12 cm from tip of beak to end of tail

Maybe next year after PAS I can post some selfies with my buddies!

About Keith Barrington

I am a neonatologist and clinical researcher at Sainte Justine University Health Center in Montréal
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5 Responses to Not neonatology: missed all my friends at PAS, but be back next year, I hope.

  1. anniejanvier says:

    we will be glad to have you next year. PS: people are more exciting than birds (mostly) 🙂

  2. Keith- I very much admire your bird photos, they are superb. As you may know, I have retired from neonatal medicine and spend a good deal of my time traveling and doing landscape and wildlife photography. While I do admire your wife (and have even collaborated with her on papers), I must disagree with her about people being more interesting than birds. Many are not, though they think they are! In any case, I hope that you are well, and please keep doing your bird photography. If you want to see some of my photo work:

  3. Gonzalo Mariani says:

    Hi Keith, we really missed you at the meeting! I hope we can get together next year. It is always interesting to hear your observations and views about science and life.
    Unfortunately I know nothig about birds, but I do like your photos.
    PS I am with Annie in this new debate…

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