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Very Sad News

Maureen Hack has died. Apparently she died earlier today. Although several years past a usual person’s retirement age, Maureen was still a towering, (metaphorically) and very active figure in neonatology, her follow up research, and her insights were very valuable for … Continue reading

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Keep people like this away from the NICU

After my novel-length post earlier, a quick rant. In the few weeks since the NICHD ‘before 24’ paper came out there have been a number of newspaper articles reporting the results, and responses to them. A report in the National … Continue reading

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Delayed Cord Clamping re-re-visited

I have been trying to develop some sort of protocol for babies in our center, so I have been reading in some detail the studies about very preterm births and cord clamping that are in the literature. It seems from … Continue reading

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