Buenos Aires

On my way home from a great, but too short, trip to Buenos Aires. Spoke at a conference there. I had an afternoon off and was able to take a long walking tour, including taking the Avenida de Mayo. Where I took this picture of one view from the Plaza de Mayo, where there are many political demonstrations, including an on-going display by the veterans of the Malvinas War It shows some examples of the varied architecture of the city. See if you can tell what time it was when I took the photo.



If you can see in high enough resolution, you will note that all 3 clocks have different times (and none of them were even close!)

Thanks to Gonzalo and a great group of friends and colleagues for organizing an excellent conference. See you all again soon.

About Keith Barrington

I am a neonatologist and clinical researcher at Sainte Justine University Health Center in Montréal
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4 Responses to Buenos Aires

  1. Cristian Bernardo says:

    Thank you Dr. Barrington for sharing your experience and knowledge with us, it was an honor hearing your speeches. I hope you’d enjoyed your days in Buenos Aires, and that you visit us soon again.

  2. Silvia Fernandez Jonusas says:

    It was an honor to share these days with a figure like you. I hope you have enjoyed your journey here in Buenos Aires. We don’t have an explanation for the malfunctioning clocks, I’m sure we can make an RCT to find it out !!
    Thank You for your visit and hope to see you soon.

  3. Gonzalo Mariani says:

    Dear Keith, we are so grateful that you have come down here to Buenos Aires and enlightened us with your usual brightness and academic generosity. We have really enjoyed having you here and hope to get together again in the near future. Thanks!
    Gonzalo (and all the team of the Division of Neonatology, Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires)

  4. Enrique Gebara says:

    Dear Keith we are grateful for coming you again to Buenos Aires. Your conferences as usual are exellent and with your “Neonatal Research” web site, as I am concern, is the best web site for neonatal-perinatal medicine” that open our minds “with your commentaries that encourage and help neonatologists to read and to be up-to-date
    As I told you days ago, we hope you can return with Annie (In the issue of Ethics!!!)
    Thank you and we hope to see you upcoming again.
    Dr Enrique Gebara and the Bazterrica Clinic Neonatal Team Buenos Aires Argentina

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