Richard Ehrenkranz 1946-2018

I am very fortunate in many ways in my life, including having met, and become friends with, many of the greats of neonatology.

One of the those greats was Richard Ehrenkranz, a neonatologist who spent most of his professional life at Yale, and who was extremely productive. As a junior faculty, he worked with Laura Ment in the Yale neonatal neurology lab, and he became very interested in long term neurological and developmental outcomes of preterm infants.

He was a major part of the NICHD neonatal network, and helped the network become the force that it now is.

For the last 30 years or so he became the person to go to for evidence about the influence of nutrition of outcomes of extremely preterm babies. He used the NICHD neonatal database to show that nutrition in the first few weeks of life of the extremely preterm infant has lifelong impacts on how their brains develop.

He died this August, an obituary is here. His enormous contributions to the wellbeing of preterm babies can be seen here :

Thank you, Richard.

Good Bye.

About Keith Barrington

I am a neonatologist and clinical researcher at Sainte Justine University Health Center in Montréal
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2 Responses to Richard Ehrenkranz 1946-2018

  1. Irene Olsen says:

    Sad… nice tribute.  Thanks.

  2. Linda Wright says:

    Thanks. Rich was one of a kind and is missed by friends and colleagues. Linda Wright

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