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I am a neonatologist and clinical researcher and chief of service at Sainte Justine University Health Center in Montréal

Predicting Outcomes?

A new publication and an editorial address some of the issues around whether we can predict outcomes in preterm infants. This was a large cohort study from the NICHD network, the usual multi-multi-multi-author paper, 34 authors wrote this paper apparently, … Continue reading

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Not neonatology: le grand tour

We have decided as a family to take a break, a pseudo-sabbatical to visit the down-unders, learn about their culture, present at conferences, and generally focus on de-stressing and self-improvement. The 3 kids are out of school, and will be … Continue reading

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Lactoferrin and the bowel

There’s a lot of activity in Lactoferrin research recently, this protein is very promising as prophylaxis against infections and perhaps also against necrotising enterocolitis. First of all a study giving bovine lactoferrin to newborn piglets which showed a stimulatory effect … Continue reading

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The Power of Parent’s Touch.

My friend and colleague Marsha Campbell-Yeo is part of the Centre for Pediatric Pain research. She has just produced a video about controlling pain in young babies, which you can see here: My only beef is that all the parents … Continue reading

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More about Preemie Voices

For those of you who might be interested in buying the book that I blogged about a few days ago, please note that you can get the book at a big discount, by contacting Saroj directly, using the link on … Continue reading

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Toxic exposures in the NICU

I thought I’d blog about this article for two reasons. Firstly, it points out the theoretical exposure to phthalates in patients in the NICU, which are enormous and potentially with multiple toxic effects. Exposures could possibly be as high as … Continue reading

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Listening to the voices of Preemies

Or rather the voices of adults who were born very preterm. Saroj Saigal is well known to many of us in neonatology, either by reputation, or, for the lucky ones among us, as a friend. Her insights into quality of … Continue reading

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